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Audi Unveils New Electric With E-Tron

As the first of many electric cars from Audi, the recently unveiled E-Tron SUV represents the brand’s future. But you wouldn’t know that from looking at it. The E-Tron is very conservatively styled inside and out and, unlike Tesla and Volvo’s Polestar division, Audi plans to rely on traditional franchised dealers to sell the model alongside gasoline-powered cars.

But that’s by design, said Filip Brabec, Audi’s vice president of product management. In an interview ahead of the E-Tron’s unveiling in San Francisco, Brabec told Digital Trends that Audi wanted its first electric car to be as normal as possible. He explained why he believes that strategy will encourage more car buyers to go electric, discussed how the E-Tron was designed specifically with the United States in mind, and offered a preview of Audi’s future electric car plans.

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