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New limited-edition Bugatti rumored for Pebble Beach

The Supercar Blog has heard from its VIP sources that Bugatti has a new special-edition offering planned for debut at Pebble Beach. The Molsheim brand enjoys playing to its deep-pocketed crowd at the annual Northern California fest, having introduced the special edition $5.8M Divo there last year, and regularly hosting Grand Tour driving events around …

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Ferrari’s Most Powerful Car Ever Is Here—and It’s a Hybrid Stunner

Electrification is ubiquitous, but back when Ferrari launched LaFerrari, hybridization was a less-accepted notion, especially for a brand synonymous with powerhouse V-12s. Yet Prancing Horse clients and fans alike welcomed the concept, so as Ferrari planned to unleash its next salvo from Maranello, the inclusion of electrification was most decidedly on the …

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Inside the Malibu Studio Where Audi Is Using Virtual Reality to Design the Future of Cars

From sports-car culture to cutting-edge technology, California’s influence on automotive development is undeniable. For Audi, the longtime love affair with the state is embodied by the PB18 e-tron concept, an all-electric, race-inspired prototype. The approximately 670 hp coupe, described by Audi executives as “a cross between a supercar and a sportback,” is said to cover …

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2019 Acura NSX vs. 1991 Acura NSX | Respect your elders

A car that forces the competition to head back to the drawing board does not come around often, especially when that competition happens to be Ferrari. Honda achieved such a feat back in 1991 when the original NSX was set loose in the supercar world. Not only did the NSX smack its contemporaries down in terms of performance and …

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