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Chevrolet Shows 700-HP Electric ECOPO Camaro at SEMA

Chevrolet is using this year’s SEMA Show to unveil an all-electric version of its COPO Camaro drag racer called the eCOPO Concept. GM says the high-performance, high-voltage electric powertrain will help advance future product development of electric vehicles and suggests new possibilities for Chevy’s crate engine and performance parts portfolios.

Based on the gasoline-powered 2019 COPO Camaro, which is also at the show, the eCOPO features GM’s first 800-volt battery pack, which is more than twice the voltage of the batteries found in the production Chevrolet Volt and Bolt and is said to enable a more efficient power transfer to the electric motor and faster recharge, all the better for the rapid pace of drag-racing elimination rounds. It comprises four 200-volt modules that each weigh about 175 pounds, mounted strategically — two in the rear seat area, the others in the trunk — for optimal weight distribution. That placement gives the eCOPO about a 56 percent rear-weight bias, helping it launch more efficiently.

Chevy has installed a battery management system to keep tabs on all that juice and heat generated within the pack, tied into a safety system that continuously evaluates electrical components. It also sealed the rear battery packs off from the interior and added an integrated driveshaft tunnel between the modules. It also expanded the roll cage into the trunk area to add protection for the rear modules.

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