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Ferrari Sells 5,000 Scratch-N-Sniff Calendars At $97 Each

What does a Ferrari smell like? As far as Ferrari questions go, we suspect it’s not one often asked. And yet, apparently it’s something people really want to know, because Ferrari just sold a boatload of scent-enhanced calendars at $100 a pop. For a calendar? Yeah, but it’s also a limited-edition calendar, and if you want one it’s too late – all 5,000 copies are sold.

We need to give a shout-out to Jalopnik for catching this find, and it is something of a gem. We’ve not encountered what amounts to a scratch-and-sniff calendar before, at least for something not directed towards an 8-year old learning about fruits or barnyard animals. What kind of smells are we talking about here? Honestly, we don’t know. Ferrari’s merchandise store merely states the new calendar “offers a stimulating sensory experience.” We can make out the words “rub your finger” on one of the close-up photos, but the actual smell that results is a complete mystery. A tachometer indicating 1,000 revs is pictured close by; perhaps the odor is that of warm electrics? Petrol? Wadded up $100 bills long-forgotten in an old overcoat?

Read More: https://www.motor1.com/news/295784/ferrari-sells-scratch-sniff-calendars/

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