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Hennessey F5 Venom USA’s First 311 MPH Record

The race to 300 mph is officially on. Hennessey Performance Engineering plans to begin testing an F5 Venom prototype in 2019, with high-speed validation testing by the end of that year. “We believe our car is capable of going well beyond 300 mph,” CEO John Hennessey said.

What will enable the F5 Venom to achieve such a lofty goal?

The F5 Venom will be slippery (for a supercar) with a drag coefficient of 0.33. A 7.6-liter twin-turbo V-8 will blast it toward the 300-mph barrier. The engine is said to be capable of 1,600 horsepower and 1,300 pound-feet of torque, but Hennessey said it might not even require that much power to hit the mark.

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