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Lighter In Weight Tail Then Ever – Mclaren 600LT

Longer, lighter and more powerful. That would seem to sum up the McLaren 600LT, the fourth “Longtail” model (assuming one, as McLaren does, counts the convertible version of the 675LT as a separate model). Alone, those three characteristics would be enough to sell out this gorgeous track-focused sister to the 570S. But the big question many will have — as did I — is how much different can the 600LT be from the 570S on which it’s based? Is this just McLaren milking money from wealthy clientele with a “special edition”? Is it really enough of a change, an advancement on that already outstanding car, to be considered its own, pricier model?

cars these days, the total equals far more than the sum of the parts. In fact, one could argue the brakes alone are worth every penny of the 600LT’s price premium, at least to the track-day enthusiast, especially when combined with the lighter weight.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Let’s first look at what does, and does not, make up a McLaren 600LT:

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