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The 2019 Acura NSX Remains Polite

Although Acura has no one to blame but itself for not evolving the NSX consistently since the now 28-year-old pioneering original, it still seems slightly unfair that every discussion of the revived second-generation of its mid-engine supercar is colored so intensely by the old car. When Ferrari rolled out its 488GTB, after all, there was no deep dissection of how it compares to its early 1990s contemporary, the 348. But, without continual change, the world is right to wrestle with the question of what a modern NSX should be, even if the old-versus-new comparison is an impossible one. Although there is one thing that carries over from the original—the Berlina Black paint color—the forward view in a mid-engine supercar will probably never be so panoramic again, A-pillars will never again be so spindly, and the cowl so low. Nor will a supercar ever again come with a mechanical odometer or a tape deck. Get over it. If you like the original NSX so much, buy one. (This writer does, and did just that.)

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