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The 2020 McLaren Speedtail Revealed!


While thrilling, supercars have long offered a strictly limited capacity to share the experience; indeed, the only way in most to carry more than one passenger is to form a pile on the passenger seat. The original McLaren F1 was a glorious exception to this rule, with an innovative triple-seat layout featuring a pair of setback pillion pews flanking a central driving position. Now, more than two decades later, McLaren has created a new model sharing the same three-wide layout with the Speedtail.

The ability to carry more people might stand as the most obvious distinction for this latest Ultimate Series offering, but there are several other reasons we should look upon it as the brand’s pinnacle car, for now at least. It is the most expensive, at $2.1 million; the most powerful, with 1035 horsepower; and the fastest so far, with a claimed top speed of 250 mph. Just 106 will be produced, a number that matches the run of the original F1. We’re told that around a third of those will be coming to the United States, even though the car won’t be street legal; owners will have to bring cars in under the Show and Display exemption, McLaren told C/D.

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